Does WooCommerce send transactional emails?

WooCommerce includes several transactional emails configured by default. Automatic emails are sent as orders progress through your shop’s delivery process; you can let your customers know when their order has been received, is being processed, and is out for delivery.

What emails does WooCommerce send?

Using WooCommerce SMTP sends all transactional emails through a 3rd party email provider. The emails will be properly authenticated, which means they won’t be caught by your customers’ spam filters. You can choose from many email providers according to your budget and the number of emails sent from your store.

How do I know if WooCommerce is sending emails?

The simplest way to test WooCommerce email deliverability is using the WP Mail Logging plugin.

To use WP Mail Logging to check whether your transactional emails are working:

  1. Generate a test order,
  2. Go to WP Mail Log in your admin sidebar, and.
  3. Check if your test order generated emails and if there are any sending errors.
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Why are my WooCommerce emails not sending?

It’s possible that you’ve inadvertently disabled your emails from sending. To check, in the WordPress dashboard go to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails and for each of your transactional emails, click “Manage” and check that the “Enable this email notification” box is ticked before you save changes.

How do I send a mass email in WooCommerce?

How to send emails to WooCommerce multiple email recipients

  1. Step 1: Install and activate the WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients plugin. …
  2. Step 2: Configure the additional email address settings. …
  3. Step 3: Sending WooCommerce customer emails to multiple addresses.

How do I customize my WooCommerce email?

You can customize the emails via your wp-admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Emails. Here you’ll find the ability to customize all of the emails that WooCommerce sends both to you as a store admin, and to your customers.

How do I send a test email in WooCommerce?

Check WooCommerce email settings

To make sure that you haven’t disabled transactional emails, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Email and check that the email you want to send has the checkbox “Enable this email notification” ticked.

How do I test transactional emails?

Testing transactional emails (the easy way)

  1. Create a unique email address during a test $ curl -X POST …
  2. Parse the response and obtain the address {“payload”:{“id”:”example-id”,”address”:””},”message”:””}

How do I check my mail log in WooCommerce?

Enable Email Log Feature

From the plugin’s settings page, switch to the ‘Email Log’ tab and check the box next to ‘Enable log’ option. The email log option will save general and troubleshooting information about each email message.

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How do I find my WooCommerce email template?

Basically, go into the woocommerce folder and navigate to the `templates` sub-folder. Inside there you’ll see another sub-folder called `emails`. You can grab any and all of those files, and copy them (don’t “move”) into your theme folder into `woocommerceemails`.

What is Gmail SMTP server address?

The default Gmail SMTP details are as follows: Gmail SMTP server address: Gmail SMTP name: Your full name. Gmail SMTP username: Your full Gmail address (e.g.

How do I fix email notifications in WooCommerce?

Fix. 1 for WooCommerce not sending emails issue: Look for commas or periods in Email sender settings

  1. Drill down to New Order Email settings. First of all, let’s go to my WooCommerce plugin –> settings. …
  2. Check the WooCommerce Email sender options settings. …
  3. Look out for commas or periods and delete them.

Why is email not working?

There are many reasons why email may stop working (incorrect email settings, wrong email passwords, etc.), however, the first step to identify the issue with your email is to review for any error messages on your end. … Lastly, if an email delivery fails you might also receive a bounce-back message.

How do I send multiple emails?

Step 1: Open your Gmail account. Step 2: Click on the Compose box to type the email you would like to send to multiple recipients from your Gmail address. Step 3: After writing the email, click on the BCC option besides the CC option.

How do I send a mass email in WordPress?

You need to click on ‘Send Individual Message’ link to send email to specific or all users on your WordPress site. Start by selecting a mail format for your email and then select recipients from the drop down list. You can use the CTRL (Command key on Mac) to select multiple users.

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How do I get emails from WordPress?

But whichever provider you choose, here are a few methods to grow your email list with WordPress.

  1. Put a Form in the Sidebar. …
  2. Add a Sign-up Form After Posts. …
  3. Have Slide-in or Popup Form on Your Site. …
  4. Make Your Homepage a Dedicated Landing Page. …
  5. Land a Guest Post to Funnel Traffic to a Landing Page.


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