How do I count pageviews in WordPress?

How do I see pageviews in WordPress?

Go to Insights » Reports from your admin panel and click on the Real-Time option at the top. Now you can see the number of active users on your site at any given moment, their geographic locations, the pages they’re viewing, and more.

Does WordPress count post views?

Views and visitors are the two main units of site traffic on your WordPress site. … At this point, your view count goes up by three because they loaded three unique pages on your site, but the visitor count remains the same because one person is responsible for three different page views.

How do I check my stats on WordPress?

To view the stats for your individual posts, you’ll need to visit Posts » All Posts from your dashboard. Similarly, you’ll need to go to Pages » All Pages to view the stats for your individual pages. Now, you can see an Insights column added on your WordPress Posts/ Pages screen.

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How can I track visitors to my website?

10 Web Analytics Tools For Tracking Your Visitors

  1. eLogic. eLogic provides three levels of service based on your exact needs. …
  2. Google Analytics. Google Analytics is arguably the most popular analytics package available for individual site owners. …
  3. ShinyStat. …
  4. SiteMeter. …
  5. StatCounter. …
  6. W3Counter. …
  7. W3Perl. …
  8. Webalizer.


Does WordPress tell you who visited your blog?

Provided you are logged in when visiting, your own views are not recorded on any public blog you registered. Our stats are page view stats. Please do not assume that everyone who clicks a like button actually reads the post on your blog because odds are they may not.

What is the difference between visitors and views on WordPress?

A view is counted when a visitor loads or reloads a page. A visitor is counted when we see a user or browser for the first time in a given period (day, week, month). So if 1 person reads 3 posts on your site, that would be counted as 1 visitor and 3 views.

Does WordPress have built in analytics?

WordPress doesn’t come with built-in analytics, so you’ll need to install Google Analytics on your WordPress site. But that can be tricky, especially for beginners. An easier way of connecting Google Analytics with WordPress is through a plugin like MonsterInsights.

How do I see most viewed posts on WordPress?

Place the following code in the sidebar or where you want to display the most popular posts list. query_posts(‘meta_key=post_views_count&orderby=meta_value_num&order=DESC’); if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post();

Does WordPress track IP addresses?

You can track the Internet Protocol, or IP, addresses of WordPress posts to help you monitor the activity on your site. … Use the tools in the WordPress Administration Screen to install a plugin that identifies IP addresses in each post.

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How do I know if I have Google Analytics on WordPress?

On Your Site

Head to My Sites → Tools → Marketing → Traffic and scroll down until you find the Google Analytics section.

What is the best analytics plugin for WordPress?

The Best WordPress Analytics Plugins

  • HubSpot.
  • MonsterInsights.
  • Analytify.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP.
  • Clicky Analytics.
  • Crazy Egg.
  • Analytics Cat.
  • GA Google Analytics.


Probably the most popular option on this list, Google Analytics is created for the beginner and the professional. It’s simple, customizable, and covers all the basic information you need to know about your website and audience (including age, location, devices, and even how your visitors interact with your site.)

How many visitors does my website get for free?

Use the below tools to find traffic data, that is number of visitors to a website: SEMrush – any website. SimilarWeb – any website.

  1. SEMrush – Any Website. …
  2. SimilarWeb – Any Website. …
  3. Alexa – Any Website. …
  4. Google Analytics [For Site Owners] …
  5. Quantcast [For Site Owners]


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