How do I create a FAQ in Elementor?

How do I create a FAQ page?

FAQ Page Design

  1. Write clear and concise pages. In terms of FAQ pages, “the more the merrier” is actually a fallacy. …
  2. Regularly update each page. It’s important that every FAQ page you have is always accurate. …
  3. Include a search bar. …
  4. Organize questions by category. …
  5. Link top questions. …
  6. Stick to the basics.


How do I create a FAQ page in WordPress?

To create an FAQ:

  1. Click on ‘FAQs’ in the WordPress admin sidebar menu.
  2. Click on ‘Add New’
  3. Enter the FAQ question in the title area and the FAQ answer in the main post content area.
  4. Set the author name using the ‘Author Display Name’ field under the main post content area.

What is FAQ schema in Elementor?

FAQ Schema for Elementor adds a widget to Elementor that inserts FAQ schema (structured data) in JSON-LD format, without rendering anything on the front-end. … Do not use more than one widget to a page, add multiple FAQs to the same widget instead.

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How do I add an accordion to my Elementor?


  1. Accordion Items Title & Content: Enter the title and description for each item.
  2. Icon: Select the icon to represent the action of expanding an item. …
  3. Active Icon: Select the icon to represent the action of collapsing the active item. …
  4. Title HTML Tag: Set the HTML tag used for the title to H1- H6 or DIV.


What is a good FAQ page?

An effective FAQ page:

Covers a broad range of intent (transactional, informational, locational) Is kept up-to-date as you get new data insights. Draws in new visitors to your website by solving problems. Drives internal pageviews to other important pages.

Are FAQs good for SEO?

FAQ content can drive a bunch of highly targeted traffic to your website. … It improves your SEO rankings because Google values that your website is focused on helping people to get all the information to take an educated decision on your product.

How do I create a drop down FAQ in WordPress?

Using a FAQ Plugin

  1. Go to the “Plugins” section of your dashboard.
  2. Click the button for “Add New” at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter the “FAQ” keyword in the search bar that appears on the right.
  4. Once you find a plugin that works for you, click to install and activate the plugin.

How do you answer FAQ?

5 Simple Ways to Write the Perfect Answers to Your FAQs

  1. Start with Who, What, When, Where, How, Why (and Can) If you’ve noticed, telephone support agents often repeat a question as you ask it. …
  2. Match the answer with the question. …
  3. Stay away from jargon. …
  4. Run your answers through these 3 people. …
  5. Format to boost readability.
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How do you use the accordion FAQ?

It is easy to create and provide responsive FAQ section to your website. Use the shortcode [faq-accordion] to display the FAQ in website anywhere. There are some shortcode parameter you can use for modify the frontend display of accordion FAQ. FAQs can be display in groups by assigning them in any group/category.

Does Yoast do schema?

The Yoast SEO WooCommerce plugin outputs product Schema to get your products highlighted in search. Yoast SEO uses JSON-LD to add information about your site search, your site name, your logo, images, articles, social profiles and a lot more to your web pages.

How do I add a schema code to my Elementor?

How to Setup/Configure How-to Widget?

  1. Start with dragging-n-dropping the widget into the Elementor editor.
  2. Edit or remove the default Strings as per your requirement to the Title and Content.
  3. Style the widget as per your website style layout.
  4. Review and verify the page on Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

How do you keep the accordion closed by default Elementor?

Now, scroll down to PowerPack Elements group on the left-side Elementor panel. Then, drag-and-drop the Advanced Accordion widget on the page. You can now set the content of the Accordion panels in the left-side widget settings panel. All the panels of the Advanced Accordion widget are closed by default.

What is the difference between toggle and accordion in Elementor?

A similar widget is the Accordion widget, but there are two main differences between the Toggle widget and the Accordion widget. When a page is loaded, all Toggle widget items are collapsed. With the Accordion widget, however, the first item is expanded, while all other items remain collapsed.

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What is the difference between toggle and accordion?

Difference between an “Accordion” and a “Toggle”

People often confuse “Accordion” with something called a “Toggle.” … While each Toggle item collapses and expands just like an Accordion, a toggle allows multiple items to stay open at the same time.

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