How do I debug an Elementor?

To manually activate the Debugger, go to the settings area of Elementor, and under Tools > Debug Bar > set it to Enable.

How do you troubleshoot an Elementor?

If you are experiencing problems using Elementor, please try to follow these steps:

  1. Read our documentation and check our FAQ. …
  2. Make sure you are using the most updated versions of Elementor, WordPress & your theme.
  3. Deactivate all your plugins besides Elementor (and Elementor Pro).


How do I start my Elementor in safe mode?

How To Activate Safe Mode

  1. Go to Elementor > Tools and select Enable from the Safe Mode dropdown and then click the Save Changes button or.
  2. Click the Enable Safe Mode button that pops up when the Editor is unable to load.


Why is Elementor not letting me edit?

If you get a blank page (white screen of death) when you try to edit with Elementor, it might be due to a lack of memory or to another fatal error. In this case, check if you meet the system requirements for Elementor. If the problem is a memory issue, you can deactivate a few plugins and see if it solves the issue.

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How do I fix Elementor loading problem?

7 Ways to fix Elementor not Loading error.

  1. Check Plugin Conflicts.
  2. Check PHP Version & PHP Memory Limit.
  3. Disable Unused Widgets.
  4. Check .htaccess File.
  5. Increase Apache Service Limit.
  6. Change Editor Loading Method.
  7. Use well-coded Elementor addons.

Why is my Elementor site so slow?

Elementor says the most common reasons for a slow website are your servers, media, third-party scripts, plugins, no CDN, and using a mediocre cache plugin. … That’s because Elementor adds bloat (CSS, JavaScript, DOM elements) which affect multiple items in GTmetrix and PSI.

Do I need to deactivate Elementor to use Elementor pro?

A: You should not delete the Free plugin. Elementor Pro is an addon to the Free version. The Elementor Pro plugin cannot function without the Free plugin.

How do I turn on safe mode in WordPress?


  1. If installing, go to Plugins > Add New in the admin area, and search for events manager.
  2. Click install, once installed, click ‘activate’.
  3. The WP Safe Mode loader will attempt to install itself automatically. …
  4. Visit the WP Safe Mode menu item on your dashboard admin area.

How do I get to recovery mode in WordPress?

Access your WordPress site files via FTP / SFTP access and look in the wp-content folder. You will see the plugins folder. Re-name the plugins directory to plugins2 or whatever you want. Then re-load WordPress admin login and try to login again.

How do I run WordPress in safe mode?

How to use it:

  1. Search for the ‘WP Safe Mode’ plugin on the ‘Add Plugins’ page.
  2. Install and activate the plugin.
  3. Goto the Settings page and specify the theme, plugins, IP addresses for the Safe Mode.
  4. Enable/disable the Safe Mode for your website.
  5. You can also enable/disable the Safe Mode from the admin bar.
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Why does Elementor not load?

If your Elementor Widget Panel does not load and has the continuously spinning “Loading” icon, as shown in the image below, this is generally due to a resource issue, a conflict with another plugin, or a setting on your server that needs to be adjusted. … Deactivate all of your plugins except Elementor and Elementor Pro.

Where is my edit with Elementor button?

Hover over the page or post you wish to edit, and click the Edit with Elementor link that appears on hover. This will allow you to edit the page even when the Admin Bar link is not available.

How do I enable editing with Elementor?

Enabling Elementor for the custom post type

  1. Step 1 — Navigate to your website’s WordPress Dashboard > Elementor > Settings block.
  2. Step 2 — Tick the post you want to edit with Elementor in the Post Types section and click Save Changes button.

How do I clear Elementor cache?

Method 1: This can easily be fixed by going to WP admin > Elementor > Tools > Regenerate CSS. Then, you can clear the cache (WP cache and browser cache) and refresh the page. Method 2: Check if you have any caching plugins on your site or any server level caching enabled. Clear those caches.

How do I fix Elementor stuck on loading screen error?

Check your plugin

Try to deactivate your plugins to get your loading screen working. Step 1: click on plugins on your dashboard. Step 2: Deactivate the plugins other than Elementor. Try to refresh and check if the error is dissolved.

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How do I clear the cache in WordPress?

You need to click on the WP Engine menu item in the admin bar and then under ‘General’ settings click on purge all caches button. WP Engine will now purge all stored cache for your WordPress site.

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