How do I filter spam comments in WordPress?

How do I stop spam on WordPress?

12 Vital Tips and Tools to Combat Comment Spam in WordPress

  1. Turn on Comment Moderation in WordPress. …
  2. Activate Akismet Anti-spam Protection. …
  3. Using Sucuri to Combat Spam Comments. …
  4. Using Honeypot to Catch Spam Bots. …
  5. Add Google reCAPTCHA Verification. …
  6. Removing Website URL Field from Comment Form.


How do I manage comments on WordPress?

Simply go to Posts » All Posts and click on the Edit link below the post you want to open. On the post editor screen scroll down to the bottom, and you will see all comments made for the post. You can edit, delete, reply and moderate comments directly from here.

What is the best anti-spam plugin for WordPress?

Best Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

  • Spam Protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk.
  • Akismet Spam Protection.
  • WP Cerber Security, Anti-Spam & Malware Scan.
  • Titan Anti-spam & Security.
  • Stop Spammers.
  • Antispam Bee.
  • WordPress Zero Spam.
  • WP Armour.


How do you stop spam on websites?

5 Ways to Stop Website Spam

  1. Keep your domain private. You may not realize this but when you registered your website’s domain name (the, if you didn’t make it private then your email address is public record. …
  2. Use a honeypot. …
  3. Block bad countries. …
  4. Use CAPTCHA on your forms. …
  5. Prevent email harvesting.
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How do I change Comment settings in WordPress?

Change comment approval settings in WordPress

  1. Log in to WordPress.
  2. Go to Settings > Discussion.
  3. Locate the Before a comment appears section.
  4. Check or uncheck the box next to the lines: …
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Save Changes.
  6. Try to comment without being signed in, to see if the settings have changed.

How do I automatically approve comments in WordPress?

Step 1 – Login to the WordPress admin panel, click ‘Settings’ in the left-hand menu and click ‘Discussion’ in the sub-menu. Now WordPress will automatically approve all comments made on your website or blog.

Who can approve a comment in WordPress?

Users must be registered and logged in to comment

There are also settings that control whether a comment is approved automatically or if it must be reviewed before it is published on a blog. See the Settings → Discussion page for more details.

How do I stop spam in contact form?

How to Stop Contact Form Spam

  1. Enable the WPForms Anti-Spam Token.
  2. Use Google reCAPTCHA on Your Contact Form.
  3. Add hCaptcha to Your Contact Form.
  4. Use the WPForms Custom CAPTCHA Addon.
  5. Block or Allow Specific Email Addresses on Your Forms.
  6. Block Words or Company Names in Form Submissions.


Is Akismet anti spam good?

Akismet is quite good at catching most spam comments. However, users have criticized it for false positives. … If you submit a comment on a site and you do not see awaiting moderation notice, then you should reach out to the site owner so that they can mark your comment as not spam.

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Is CleanTalk anti spam free?

Anti Spam by CleanTalk offers a free trial, you can look at the pricing here.

How do I stop spam form gravity?

Go to the WordPress admin menu > Forms. Hover over the form you want to edit, then hover over Settings, and click Form Settings. At the bottom, check the box for Enable Anti-Spam Honeypot. Click Update Form Settings.

How do you gain spam?

How to Create Spam on Social Media

  1. Step 1) Pin a bunch of stuff to Pinterest that has no visually redeeming qualities. …
  2. Step 2) Cram your tweets with dumb hashtags, especially if they’re unrelated to the tweet’s subject matter. …
  3. Step 3) Hijack someone else’s hashtag.


How do I stop spam without Captcha?

Ways to Prevent Spam Without CAPTCHA

  1. reCAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA is an excellent tool from Google after the death of CAPTCHA. …
  2. Implement Session Cookies. …
  3. Try Honeypot. …
  4. Ask Customized Questions. …
  5. Go for a Double-Opt-In Form. …
  6. Install a Spam Prevention Plugin. …
  7. Block IP Address.


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