How do I get rid of unwanted images on WordPress?

Once you have selected all the unused images you want to delete from your site, scroll down and either choose “Move selected images to trash” or “Delete the selection permanently”. WP-Optimise will then delete all copies of the selected image file plus any record in the Media Library.

How do I bulk delete unused images in WordPress?

After reviewing the files, you can select all files or specific duplicates. Next, simply select ‘Smart Delete’ from the Bulk actions drop-down menu and then click the Apply button. Smart Delete feature will make sure that images that are being used on your website are not deleted.

How do I delete unused files in WordPress?

12 Ways to Clean Up Your WordPress Website

  1. Clear Out Unneeded Themes and Plugins. …
  2. Make Sure Everything Is Updated. …
  3. Get Rid of Old Post Revisions. …
  4. Delete Media Files That Aren’t Being Used. …
  5. Fix Broken Links. …
  6. Update Your User Information. …
  7. Clean Up Your Database. …
  8. Disable Assets From Loading on Unnecessary Pages.


How do I bulk delete media in WordPress?

Bulk Delete Media in WordPress: Overview

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Click each media item in the Media Library that you want to delete to mark them with a checkmark in their upper-right corners. Click the “Delete Selected” button that appears above the media items within the Media Library to delete them.

How do I find unused images on my website?

Find Your Website’s Unused Images

Locate, backup and remove unused images with OrFind’s industry leading analysis technology. Analyze your website’s structure the fast and easy way. OrFind assists you in locating images that are on your server but no longer used by your website.

How do I find unused images in WordPress?

You can also search through your Media Library for images which are unattached to posts and pages to delete them manually. Simply go to Media > Library and click the Unattached link which will display all images that may be displayed on other parts of your site or simply not used.

What is an unattached image in WordPress?

Unattached – Unattached files mean that the media file was uploaded directly to the media library, and not from within a post or page. If a media file was then added to a post or page after uploading to the media library, it is still considered Unattached.

How do I speed up my WordPress media library?

Here are some tricks you can use to enhance media loading speeds on your WordPress site:

  1. Insert Images at the Proper Size. When you upload an image to a WordPress site, you’re given a choice about how you want to size it: …
  2. Clean Out Unused Files. …
  3. Make Use of Symlinks. …
  4. Optimize Server Settings. …
  5. Restrict User Access.
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What is Media Cleaner?

Description. Media Cleaner cleans your Media Library from the media entries (and files) which aren’t used in your website, as well as broken entries. An internal trash allows you to make sure everything works properly before deleting the media entries (and files) permanently.

How do I delete unused photos?

For unused images, use docker image prune -a (for removing dangling and ununsed images). Warning: ‘unused’ means “images not referenced by any container”: be careful before using -a .

You also have:

  1. docker container prune.
  2. docker image prune.
  3. docker network prune.
  4. docker volume prune.


How do I find unused WordPress plugins?

Find and dump all your unused plugins

When you first activate the plugin, you’ll see this screen with an empty list, located at Network Admin >> Plugins >> Active Plugins. The list is empty until you generate the report. Click continue to generate the lists.

What is force regenerate thumbnails?

Force Regenerate Thumbnails is a similar WordPress plugin to Regenerate Thumbnails. One of the main differences in comparison to the other plugin is that Force Regenerate Thumbnails allows you to delete all old images sizes and regenerate the thumbnails for your image attachments.

How do I save space in WordPress?

How to Save Disk Space

  1. Optimize your images. Take the time to review your images and remove any that you don’t need. …
  2. Delete plugins and themes you are no longer using. This is recommended as best practice for WordPress maintenance and security.
  3. Delete old backups. …
  4. Optimize your database.
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