How do I make the menu bold in WordPress?

How do I make the menu items bold in WordPress?

color change or bold one item on menu

  1. Jarret. (@jarretc) Add the following to Appearance->Customize->Additional CSS. #menu-primary-menu #menu-item-102 a { color: red; } …
  2. Thread Starter jthompsonjr. (@jthompsonjr) Perfect! Thank you SO much!
  3. Theme Author automattic. (@automattic) Thanks @jarretc, for your input!

How do you change the font of the menu in WordPress?

Log in to WordPress. Go to Appearance > Editor. Enter the desired changes to the CSS. The XX is the new font size for your menu.

How do I make my navigation menu bold?

Here are some code examples to make your navigation menu items bold:

  1. Option 1a. Make only top level (1) menu items bold. …
  2. Option 1b. Page the top level (1) menu items bold – First three only: …
  3. Option 1c. Make the top level (1) menu items bold on hover only: …
  4. Option 2. Make (1) and (2) bold. …
  5. Option 3. …
  6. Option 4.
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How do I increase font size in WordPress menu?

Change the menu appearance in WordPress

  1. Before making any changes to a WordPress theme, add a child theme.
  2. Log in to WordPress.
  3. Go to Appearance > Editor.
  4. Enter the desired changes to the CSS.
  5. Example: This is sample code for changing the font size for a WordPress menu: .primary-navigation { font-size: XXpx; }

How do I change the color of one menu item in WordPress?

Change the color of JUST ONE WordPress menu entry

  1. STEP 1: Find the ID of the navigation menu entry you want to change. …
  2. STEP 2: Add this custom CSS to change the WordPress menu color. …
  3. STEP 3: Customize the sample colors to match your website.


How do I change the color of the header menu in WordPress?

Navigate to the Customize section, click Menus, and then click on the cogwheel icon and check the box next to CSS Classes. Publish the changes and then select the menu that you’re styling. Click the menu item you want to style and, in the CSS Class, enter a short name like “. custom” or “.

What size should font be on menu?

What size should font be on menu? The absolute smallest font size you should use is ~20-30 pt (or 26-40 pixels). A general rule of thumb is for every 10 ft. of distance between your customers and the menu your text should grow taller by an inch.

How do I change the font of my header in WordPress?

Click on My Sites, then click the Customize button next to Themes. Click on Fonts. Select a different font under Headings. That will change the font for the site title and all other headings on the site.

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How do I change the size of my menu in WordPress?

How to change the width of an individual sub menu

  1. Log in to WordPress then go to Appearance > Menus. Hover over the parent item of your sub menu. …
  2. Go to the “Styling” tab and scroll down to the “Sub Menu – Width” option. Set the value to your desired sub menu width then scroll down and click “Save changes”.

How do I change the font size on a post title in WordPress?

You’ll find a couple of options there to change the size of the heading / page title. In the Customizer choose Fonts, then under Headings change the font, style, and size. You will see the changes instantly. Click ‘Save & Publish’ to save your changes.

How do I make my page title bigger in WordPress?

Please login to wp-admin dashboard. Then go to Appearance >> Customize >> Additional CSS and add following CSS to change font size of title and tagline. Please change size as per your requirement. Thanks!

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