How do I move a category in WooCommerce?

How do I move categories in WooCommerce?

Change Product Category Order in WooCommerce

Simply visit Products » Taxonomy Order page to rearrange product categories. The plugin will list all your WooCommerce product categories. You can simply drag and drop to rearrange them in any order.

How do you move categories?

Step by Step Summary

  1. Select Items in the Navigation Menu then select Item Library.
  2. Locate the Category, Subcategory or Group you wish to move.
  3. Click the Actions dropdown arrow to the right of the Category, Subcategory or Group and select Move.

How do I reorder in WooCommerce?

Navigate to Products, then click Sorting. From this page, you can simply drag and drop the product rows to reorder them. You could also filter by category and change the ordering per category.

How can a category be moved to display in the category widget from the bottom to the very top?

To display your categories in a non-alphabetical order, go to Appearance>Menus, create a menu, title it “My Categories” or something like that, add the categories to it, drag them to change their order, save menu; then go to Appearance>Widgets, remove the Categories widget, add a Custom Menu widget, title it “ …

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How do I add a category filter in WooCommerce?

How to display attribute and category filter on WooCommerce shop with Product Table Plugin

  1. Add the information to Add new attribute. …
  2. You can include one or more options per attribute. …
  3. Make the similar settings and add the information to Add new category.

How do I move categories around in WordPress?

Let’s move it.

  1. Go to Posts > Categories or Products > Categories (for Woocommerce). …
  2. Once you’re on the list of categories, click on the one you want in order to get to it’s editor screen.
  3. On the category editor screen, find the Parent category dropdown. …
  4. Scroll down and click Update.

How do you add categories to posts?

To do this go to Posts > All Posts. Next, select the posts you want to add to a category, click on the Bulk Actions tab, select Edit and finally press the Apply. Several new sections will show, allowing you to edit different settings of the selected posts. One of them is the Categories section.

How do I put my WordPress posts in chronological order?

You have several options if you want to order your posts chronologically.

  1. Use Latest Posts Block. The latest posts block displays your most recent posts. …
  2. Add a String to Your URLs. Find the URL of the posts you wish to display chronologically. …
  3. Use a Shortcode. …
  4. Alter the Publish Date. …
  5. Create a Book-Like Structure.

How do you use post types in order?


  1. Upload post-types-order folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin from Admin > Plugins menu.
  3. Once activated you should check with Settings > Post Types Order.
  4. Use Re-Order link which appear into each post type section or use default WordPress interface to make your sorting.
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How do I rearrange posts in WordPress?

After activating it click into “Post Types Order” under settings and you can enable the types of posts you want the reorder interface to show up on. Then under that post type you will see a new menu called “Re-order.” You can then drag and drop the posts within according to the order you want them to appear in.

What are examples of categories?

The definition of a category is any sort of division or class. An example of category is food that is made from grains. A class or division in a scheme of classification. Any of the various basic concepts into which all knowledge can be classified.

How do I move a custom widget?

To move a Widget:

  1. The Widget must be located in a Sidebar or other active content area before it can be moved.
  2. Click on the Widget Title and hold the mouse button down, then drag the Widget bar up or down to the location desired. At that point release the mouse button. That process is called drag-and-drop.

What is a category page?

Categories group individual Web pages together based on a similar subject or theme. Widely used in blogging platforms like WordPress, categories give order and structure to a website’s content, or its taxonomy.

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