How do I remove the WordPress browser tab?

To remove the WordPress site Icon, first, log in to your account. Hover over the My Site menu, and select Settings. Click on General, and then click Remove.

How do I remove the WordPress icon from the URL bar?

In WordPress go to your widget area and in widget at the top click on the SITE IDENTITY option, there you would may find change logo option for your site.

How do I change my browser tab in WordPress?

Click on My Site on the top left corner of the blue navigation bar. 3. You will see a Theme option. Click on the customize button just beside the Theme option.

How do I remove the tab title?

All you have to do to remove the tab description is open edge://flags and search for “Tab Hover Card” and disable it.

How do I use Adminimize plugins?


  1. Unpack the download-package.
  2. Upload the files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress and click Activate.
  4. Administrator can go to Settings > Adminimize menu and configure the plugin (Menu, Sub-menu, Meta boxes, …)
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How do I remove a logo from a website?

Remove the logo entirely – Whether you’re a new business without a logo or you’ve created a personal website and don’t need a logo, removing the preset logo within Style Designer is a cinch. To do so, click “Edit,” and then click “No Image.” From here, edit your Main Header and Site Tagline to suit your fancy.

How do I remove the logo from my WordPress login page?

In oder to add the above CSS, login to your WordPress admin panel. Navigate to “Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS” section. Paste the CSS and publish your site to remove the logo on the login page.

How do I change my browser tab text?

To change the text that appears in the tab of your browser, follow these steps:

  1. Click Page > Metadata.
  2. In the “Page Title” field, enter your desired text.
  3. Click OK and save your changes.
  4. Remember to republish your site to see the changes.

How do I change my browser tab title?

To change the browser title of the site Editor:

  1. (Optional) Unassign your domain.
  2. Go your site’s dashboard.
  3. Click Site Actions.
  4. Click Rename Site.
  5. Under Site Address (URL), enter the new browser title.
  6. (Optional) Reassign your domain.

Where is the browser tab?

Each open web page will appear as a “tab” at the top of your web browser window. You can click the tabs to switch between your open web pages. To switch between tabs with your keyboard, you can press Ctrl+Tab, which cycles through your open tabs – think of it like an Alt+Tab for your browser tabs.

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How do I remove the title of a WordPress product page?

To hide or remove the page title in WooCommerce you have to add custom CSS or PHP code to your theme files to remove the title from your page. To do this, log into your WordPress site and in the left side menu go to Appearance > Customize and the find and click Additional CSS to insert the custom code found below.

How do I turn off product description?


  1. Open WordPress admin panel, go to Appearance > Editor.
  2. Open function.php theme file.
  3. Add the following code at the bottom of function.php file.
  4. Save the changes.
  5. Refresh the product page, now the description heading is gone.


How do I delete a tab in WooCommerce?

add_filter( ‘woocommerce_product_tabs’, ‘woo_remove_product_tabs’, 98 ); function woo_remove_product_tabs( $tabs ) { unset( $tabs[‘description’] ); // Remove the description tab unset( $tabs[‘reviews’] ); // Remove the reviews tab unset( $tabs[‘additional_information’] ); // Remove the additional information tab return …

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