What is meta query in WordPress?

WP_Meta_Query is a helper that allows primary query classes, such as WP_Query and WP_User_Query, to filter their results by object metadata, by generating JOIN and WHERE subclauses to be attached to the primary SQL query string.

How do I use meta query in WordPress?

Meta queries

  1. By default, WordPress’ postmeta table comes with an index on meta_key (but not meta_value ).
  2. On the VIP platform, we’ve added an index on meta_key+meta_value . To use this index, queries must include both key and value in the WHERE clause.


What is meta key WordPress?

The meta key determines how the field will be stored into the database of your website. … The metakey is used to retrieve the saved value from the database and display it. If you are a developer, chances are you already know about this WordPress function. https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_user_meta.

What is Meta_value in WordPress?

The meta_value argument queries post that have the value you define. The meta_value argument is used for string values. This example will query any posts with a custom meta field that has the value “data1”. $args = array( ‘meta_value’ => ‘data1’ ); You can also combine the two.

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What is WP query?

WP_Query is a class defined in WordPress. It allows developers to write custom queries and display posts using different parameters. It is possible for developers to directly query WordPress database. … WP_Query is a powerful tool there are many parameters that can be used to write more complex and advance queries.

How do you write a meta query?

meta_query (array) – Contains one or more arrays with the following keys:

  1. key (string) – Custom field key.
  2. value (string|array) – Custom field value. It can be an array only when compare is ‘IN’, ‘NOT IN’, ‘BETWEEN’, or ‘NOT BETWEEN’. …
  3. compare (string) – Operator to test. …
  4. type (string) – Custom field type.

How do I find meta value in WordPress?

If you wanted to see all the post meta keys and values for a post,page or custom post type in WordPress you can either see them in the database in the wp_postmeta table or you could use the get_post_meta function to retrieve all the post meta or a specific key.

How do you find meta value?

function dump_all_meta(){ echo “<h3>All Post Meta</h3>”; // Get all the data. $getPostCustom=get_post_custom(); foreach( $getPostCustom as $name=>$value ) { echo “<strong>”. $name. “</strong>”.” => “; foreach($getPostCustom as $name=>$value) { echo “<strong>”.

What is a meta value?

Post metas are a key value store to extend the posts data. They are easy to use and well integrated into WP_Query arguments. With classic editor it is not even necessary to provide custom ui because of the default post meta box, even though that would not be a great user experience.

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How do I get a post meta value?

You can get the post meta value, page, products and any custom post type meta field value using get_post_meta functions. It’s accept three parameters: $post_id: the post ID is required. You should pass the post ID of that you want to fetch the meta field value.

What is Wp_reset_postdata ()?

wp_reset_postdata() restores the global $post variable to the current post in the main query (contained in the global $wp_query variable as opposed to the $sec_query variable), so that the template tags refer to the main query loop by default again.

How do I select a query in WordPress?

The query. To begin with, it is necessary to retrieve the recordset containing the posts you want to display. To do this, create a result set using the WordPress $wpdb database class. Note that the MySQL/MariaDB SELECT statement illustrates a simple JOIN.

How do I add metadata to WordPress?

Create a custom metadata box in the post or page editor

  1. In the Boxes panel, check Custom Fields.
  2. Scroll down, and you’ll see a new Custom Fields panel available.
  3. Click the Name dropdown menu to edit an existing metadata field in your theme.
  4. Alternatively, click the Enter New button to create a new metadata entry.

Is Main a query?

The is_main_query() function is a conditional function that can be used to evaluate whether the current query (such as within the loop) is the “main” query (as opposed to a secondary query).

What does WP_Query return?

The WP_Query object is used to query posts and will return an object containing an array of $post objects and many useful methods. The get_posts function makes use of the above WP_Query object, however, it only returns an array of $post objects making it a simpler way to find and loop over posts.

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Who owns the trademark of WordPress?

The name WordPress is a registered trademark owned by the WordPress foundation. It is a non-profit organization which ensures that WordPress runs successfully as a free open source project.

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