Does Divi work with WooCommerce?

Divi has been designed to be WooCommerce compatible. … After you enabled the plugin, you will see a new “WooCommerce” and “Products” section has been added to your WordPress Dashboard. You can use these areas to adjust your eCommerce settings and publish new products.

Is Divi theme good for WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce and online stores on WordPress. Fortunately, it’s completely compatible with our favorite WordPress theme: Divi. Also fortunately, there are several amazing Divi child themes to help you get a head start on building your WooCommerce store.

Is Divi good for eCommerce?

The versatility of Divi makes it ideal for eCommerce websites. It integrates well with WooCommerce and other eCommerce platforms. … These sites have interesting layouts, shop pages, and product pages. Most include interesting styling for the shop and product pages, and some include WooCommerce add-ons.

Can I use Divi on WordPress com?

Yes! You can use Divi and our other products on hosted websites. Note: If you plan to use, you will need a Business plan in order to install 3rd party themes and plugins like Divi.

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Is divi better than Elementor?

Elementor Pro will be cheaper if you only need it for a single site, while Divi will be cheaper if you need a page builder for multiple websites. Your personal preferences. For example, you might prefer one editor to another, as they both use somewhat different approaches.

What is the best WooCommerce theme?

Check out our handpicked list of the best WooCommerce themes below and pick a theme to start your online store.

  1. Astra WooCommerce Theme. Astra WooCommerce Theme is a fast and lightweight WordPress eCommerce theme. …
  2. Neve. …
  3. OceanWP. …
  4. Divi. …
  5. SeedProd. …
  6. Ultra. …
  7. Online Shop Pro. …
  8. Outfitter Pro.


Is Divi good for SEO?

Divi Builder by Elegant Themes is SEO-friendly and can be improved further with proper practices, as recommended by Elegant Themes. True to its name, Divi Builder by Elegant Themes makes the most elegant designs for WordPress. Divi’s shortcodes claim to not negatively impact SEO.

What is the difference between Divi and Divi builder?

Divi is a full WordPress theme. It has the Divi Builder already built in, so you don’t need to install the Divi Builder plugin when using it. The Divi Builder Plugin can be installed alongside other WordPress themes to enable you to use the Divi Builder on your page and post content areas.

Is the Divi theme free?

Divi is a WordPress theme available for purchase from Elegant Themes. WordPress offers many free themes, and Divi is a premium theme, meaning that you need to pay to use it.

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Is divi better than Wix?

Both platforms work great in terms of customization and flexibility. Divi and Wix boast a variety of responsive and easily editable templates. However, Divi comes with more customization freedom thanks to custom CSS functionality, while its blogging feature looks a bit more comprehensive.

Is Divi the best WordPress theme?

Divi and Avada are widely regarded as two of the best WordPress themes on the market. … With around 600,000 sales, it is by far the best selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest, outselling the second-placed X Theme three to one. After a few minutes of using Avada, it becomes clear why the WordPress theme is so popular.

Is Divi a good WordPress theme?

Divi combines great looks with a wealth of impressive features to deliver a truly useful multipurpose WordPress theme. A great range of page templates and an easy to use page builder will suit both those looking for an out-of-the-box solution, as well as anyone who wants to create custom designs without coding.

How do I create a divi child theme?

To create your Divi Child theme, you will need the following:

  1. Divi Theme Installed and Activated.
  2. Text Editor for editing theme files. …
  3. FTP Client – This isn’t necessary if you plan on uploading your child theme to WordPress as a zip file. …
  4. Cup of Coffee or Tea (optional)


What is divi BodyCommerce?

Divi BodyCommerce is a third-party plugin for Divi that gives you control over your store’s design from the product page to the checkout page and everything between. It’s designed with conversions in mind and gives you full control over your store’s design using the Divi Builder.

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Is WooCommerce free to use?

WooCommerce and WordPress are both free, open-source software. … One of the reasons many people choose WooCommerce is because, like the software itself, costs are customizable — you have a lot more control over what you spend and when than with most other eCommerce platforms.

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