How do I create a flip box in WordPress?

What is a flip box in WordPress?

A flip box is a box that flips over when you bring your mouse over it. You can add this hover animation effect to specific sections of your website including text boxes and images. The term comes from the unique “flip” feature that happens when the mouse hovers over the image.

How do you make a flip box?


  1. /* The flip box container – set the width and height to whatever you want. …
  2. /* This container is needed to position the front and back side */ …
  3. /* Do an horizontal flip when you move the mouse over the flip box container */ …
  4. /* Position the front and back side */ …
  5. /* Style the front side */ …
  6. /* Style the back side */

How do I flip a widget?

How to add a Flipboard widget on Android

  1. Tap “Widget” from the options that appear on the screen. …
  2. Now tap and hold the Flipboard widget you want and drag it to a free spot on the screen. …
  3. Swipe left on your notifications screen until you see the screen with a Search Bar on top. …
  4. Scroll down, then press “Edit.”
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How do flip boxes work on mobile?

The flip box works fine on desktop since it flips when the cursor goes over it and it flips back once the cursor goes away. Here’s the issue: on mobile it works by “taps” and it only flips back once you tap anywhere else on the page.

How does a flip box work?

A flip box is a box that flips over when you hover over it. You can choose from different animations, and customize the look and behavior of each flip box. Flip boxes can help make your content more interesting, improves the user experience and also allow you to accentuate your business features, products and services.

Can you edit pictures in WordPress?

WordPress offers the ability to do basic image editing on the dashboard itself. You need not go to any image editing software for doing basic edits like crop, resize/scale, flip and rotate. This adds to the user’s convenience and one can edit images on the fly, just before adding to a post/page.

How do I change the size of an image in WordPress?

Changing WordPress Default Image Sizes

  1. Navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings – Media.
  3. In Media Settings, edit the width and height dimensions to suit your values.
  4. Click Save Changes to confirm.


Why is WordPress cropping my images?

Some will preserve your orientation, and others will not. BONUS TIP: To view the additional theme-specific image sizes in your Attachment Display Settings, use the plugin WP Image Size Selection. The usual cropping culprit is that your theme assumes an orientation or a proportion different from your image.

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How do you add a flip in HTML?

The key is to use the transform property of CSS and rotate the element by 180 degree i.e. transform: rotateY(180deg). Note: You can rotate your cards as much as possible depending on the transform: rotateY(180deg).

What is flip box in Elementor?

Fancy Elementor Flipbox for Elementor WordPress Page Builder. A fully free and endless customization Flipbox, Rotate Style, Zoom In Style, Right-Side, Left-side and Zoom Out Style. You could use this plugin to show Services, Features, Categories, team members, contact info boxes, portfolio and image galleries.

How do you flip text in CSS?

Create CSS file:

  1. Specify the Display and Margin properties of .
  2. Use the transform properties to set the flip you required ( like vertical text flip , Horizontal text flip, Upside down text flip , Mirroring of text )
  3. Add the colour if you want that your flip text should have different colour.


Can I flip an image in Elementor?

Under the ‘Content’ tab, you will find the Flipbox Settings, Flipbox Content & Link sections. From the ‘Flipbox Settings’ section, you can use the drop-down menu to choose a Flipbox Type. By Default, it is set to ‘Flip Left’. You will see two options ‘Front’ and ‘Back’.

How do I flip a card in bootstrap?


  1. flip”>
  2. card”>

How do you flip an image in Elementor?

To make an image swing, click on the Advanced Tab, open the Motion Effects section, and turn on Scrolling Effects. Then, click on the Rotate option and choose which direction to rotate your image.

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