How do I fix WooCommerce product image?

In WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display, be sure that the maximum image sizes are at least as big as the dimensions your theme is rendering for those thumbnails. Then Save Changes.

Why are my product images blurry?

The most common reason why images appear low quality or blurry is because the size of your image doesn’t fit the required image size for your theme. For example, if you’ve set the image size to 300×300 pixels and you upload a 100×100 pixels image, the theme is going to stretch the image and make it appear blurry.

How do I change the product image in WooCommerce?

Follow these steps to change shop, catalog or product category image size:

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize.
  2. Then go to WooCommerce > Product Images.
  3. Write your desired width in “Thumbnail width” field.
  4. You can set the height of the images in “Thumbnail Cropping”
  5. Click on “Publish”


What should be the image size for WooCommerce products?

What size should product images be? The minimum resolution you should be using for your WooCommerce product images is 800px x 800px. We recommend you aim higher than that though because the higher quality your images are the better they will be perceived.

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Add images to the Product Gallery

Product galleries display all images attached to a product through the Product Gallery meta box. Create a Product Gallery using the same method as adding a Product Image, but using the Product Gallery meta box.

How do I make images the same size in WooCommerce?

2 Answers. You can achieve this using WooCommerce Settings. Set the catalog images to 200px 200px and check hard crop option. After saving these settings make sure you regenerate thumbnails to update the existing images according to the new settings.

Why are my WooCommerce product images blurry?

The majority of blurry image incidents are caused by theme styling, meaning the design of the theme has image dimensions in pixels that may not play nicely with WooCommerce.

How do you fix a blurry thumbnail?

The best and easiest way to regenerate image thumbnails is to use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. Simply install and activate the plugin and from there, go to “Tools” and “Regen. Thumbnails”. Just click on the button “Regenerate All Thumbnails” and the plugin will fix the blurry images like magic.

How do you fix a blurry picture on WordPress?

Item #3: Still blurry? Try a plugin. This fix is for images you’ve already published or that you have to publish in spite of their blurriness. If pixelation or color loss is noticeable in a JPEG file you’ve already uploaded, you can use the WP Resized Image Quality plugin to minimize those imperfections.

What is the product image?

Product image is very similar to brand image. The perceptions and the mental image associated with the product is called the product image. It is a set of beliefs related to a specific product. … These product images are used in businesses to market their goods through posters , advertising, e-commerce websites etc.

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Where are WooCommerce product images stored?

By default images are stored in year and month-based folders under wp-content/uploads directory at the FTP, for example, images uploaded in January, 2016, will be stored in wp-content/uploads/2016/01.

What is best image size for web?

We recommend using images that are between 1500 and 2500 pixels wide. Images smaller than 1500 pixels may appear blurry or pixelated when they stretch to fill containers, such as banners.

Why are my images blurry in WordPress?

Now, if the images you uploaded to WordPress are blurry, there are some common causes: … WordPress resized the image — most of the time, your images are resized to improve performance, decreasing their quality.

What is the best size for ecommerce product images?

Image size: Most stores require product images to be at least 500 x 500 pixels. Amazon requires at least 1000 x 1000, and Walmart recommends 2000 x 2000 for the best zoom function with different devices. To make things simple, make your images at least 2000 x 2000; you can always scale down if you need to.

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