How do I see recent posts in WordPress?

WordPress comes with a built-in default widget to display recent posts in your site’s sidebar or any widget ready area. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance » Widgets and add the ‘Recent Posts’ widget to your sidebar.

How do I get recent posts to show thumbnails in WordPress?

Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard.
  2. Search for ‘Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard.
  5. Go to ‘Appereance’ => ‘Widgets’ and select ‘Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails’

How do I change my recent post on WordPress?

From your WordPress dashboard, under Appearance, click on Customise. From this menu, click on Widgets, then on Blog Sidebar. Down this list, you will see the ‘Recent Post’ tab; click on this and you can rename this tab to whatever you wish, like ‘New Topics’.

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How do I show recent posts from a specific category in WordPress?

Upon activation, you need to visit Appearance » Widgets, there you will notice the new Category Posts widget in the list of available widgets. Simply drag and drop Category Posts widget to a sidebar where you want to display recent posts by category.

How do I customize the recent post widget in WordPress?

You can add the widget by:

  1. Going to My Sites → Appearance → Customize → Widgets.
  2. Select a widget area.
  3. Click Add Items.
  4. Search for “Recent Posts Widget” and click on it to add it to your widget area.

How do I show all posts in WordPress homepage?

List All WordPress Posts on Your Homepage. If you’d like all your posts displayed on your front page along with the content of the posts, you can easily do that by going to the Reading Settings screen (Settings > Reading) and changing the number of posts to show to something more than the number of posts you have.

How do I get rid of recent posts on WordPress?

You can remove recent posts,archives,categories on home-page with the theme customizer. go to Appearance -> Customize -> Widgets -> Sidebar – Default. Select the widget and click on remove. Hope this will helps you.

How do you call a post on WordPress?

You have to use post_per_page=’-1′ to retrive all the posts. $args = array( ‘post_type’=> ‘post’, ‘orderby’ => ‘ID’, ‘post_status’ => ‘publish’, ‘order’ => ‘DESC’, ‘posts_per_page’ => -1 // this will retrive all the post that is published ); $result = new WP_Query( $args ); if ( $result-> have_posts() ) : ?>

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How do I see recent posts?

Use the Recent Posts widget.

Then, drag and drop the widget labeled Recent Posts into your sidebar. In your sidebar, click on the widget to expand its settings. Here, you can provide an alternate title for the widget, display the publish dates of each post, and choose the number of posts you want to display.

How do I get pages to show posts from certain categories?

First, you need to edit the post or page where you want to display the recent posts by category. On the post edit screen, click on the add new block button (+) and then look for the ‘latest posts’ block. You will see the block appear in the content area with a preview of your recent posts.

How do I show post category wise?

php //get all terms (e.g. categories or post tags), then display all posts in each term $taxonomy = ‘category’;// e.g. post_tag, category $param_type = ‘category__in’; // e.g. tag__in, category__in $term_args=array( ‘orderby’ => ‘name’, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’ ); $terms = get_terms($taxonomy,$term_args); if ($terms) { foreach …

How do I get all post categories in WordPress?

php // get all the categories from the database $cats = get_categories(); // loop through the categries foreach ($cats as $cat) { // setup the cateogory ID $cat_id= $cat->term_id; // Make a header for the cateogry echo “”. $cat->name.

How do I use smart recent post widget?

Log in to your WordPress admin panel and click the Plugins menu. Then activate the plugin. Go to the widgets page Appearance -> Widgets. Find Smart Recent Posts widget.

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How do I use recent post widget extended?


  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins -> Add New.
  2. Type recent posts widget extended in the search box and click on search button.
  3. Find Recent Posts Widget Extended plugin.
  4. Then click on Install Now after that activate the plugin.
  5. Go to the widgets page Appearance -> Widgets.

How do I find a post shortcode in WordPress?

If you’re using the WordPress Blocks Editor you can also add a Shortcode block to add the Display Posts shortcode.

But, when you publish your page, you’ll see the result of the shortcode.

  1. Edit a page, post, or text widget.
  2. Add the shortcode [display-posts] in a post or page.
  3. Publish or Update your page/post.
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