How do I select multiple sections in Elementor?

How do I select multiple elements in an Elementor?

Elementor select2 control displays a select box control based on Select2 library. It accepts an array in which the key is the value and the value is the option name. Set multiple to true to allow multiple value selection.

How do you add two sections in an Elementor?

How do you change sections in Elementor?

Sections can be manipulated and styled either via the options in the Elementor Panel on the left or by right-clicking the Section handle and choosing from the context menu that pops up.

Can you group elements in Elementor?

Elementor has several widely-used group controls that can be added to any widget. Each control built differently, some use popups to display them , other use tabs, and the rest are simple insert them as regular controls.

How do I create a section in global Elementor?

Step by Step creation of global sections

  1. Create the section/inner sections and columns, add widgets/content/design.
  2. Save the section as a template.
  3. Place a template widget (Pro Widget) on the pages you want to show the template.
  4. Edit the original template via WordPress Dashboard (Templates)
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How do I make my columns wider in Elementor?

Click on the column settings icon in upper-left corner of the column in your layout so that a new dashboard on the left will open with the column’s settings. 4. Click on Desktop icon in the Column Width section and two more device sizes mode will appear where you can set a column width for each of them individually.

How do I add a row to a section Elementor?

Elementor How To Add Row Easily

  1. Method 1: Adding a row by creating a new Elementor section. Step 1: Click on the “+” button in the empty region of the page. Step 2 : Choose a structure suitable for your row.
  2. Method 2: Adding row using Elementor inner section. Add a new Elementor Inner section to the container. …
  3. Conclusion.


Where is layout in Elementor?

From any Elementor page or post editor, click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the Widget Panel, then navigate to Site Settings > Settings > Layout.

How do I reduce the size of a section in Elementor?

Select the Section by clicking the Edit Section icon on the Section. Then, on the left-side Section settings panel, set the Height field to Min Height. Now, in the Minimum Height field, set the height that you want for the Section. Save your changes.

How do I make my sections smaller in Elementor?

How to add a minimum height to a section in Elementor?

  1. In Elementor, select the section for which you want to set a min-height so that a new dashboard on the left will emerge with the element’s settings.
  2. In Layout tab, change the Height setting to Min Height.
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Why can’t I edit with Elementor?

If you get a blank page (white screen of death) when you try to edit with Elementor, it might be due to a lack of memory or to another fatal error. In this case, check if you meet the system requirements for Elementor. If the problem is a memory issue, you can deactivate a few plugins and see if it solves the issue.

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