How do you change Elementor pop up conditions?

How do I get rid of Elementor pop-up?

To disable a popup on smartphones, first, go to the popup library (Templates -> Popups). Hover your cursor over the popup you want to disable on smartphones and click the Edit with Elementor link to open in the Elementor editor.

How do I display popup in Elementor?

How Do I Create My First Popup?

  1. Go to Dashboard > Templates > Popups > Add New.
  2. Name your template and click ‘Create Template’
  3. Choose a template from the Library or create your own design.
  4. Click ‘Publish’, then ‘Save and Close’
  5. Open a new page in Elementor (CTRL / CMD + E, new page)
  6. Drag in a button widget.

How do you make a Elementor pop-up?

In the Button settings, under content, click on the dynamic icon next to the Link field. Then, under Link > Actions, choose Popup. Click on the Popup again, make sure the action is set to ‘Open Popup’, and type the name of the popup we created.

How to Trigger an Elementor Popup on a Link Click

  1. Create your Popup in the Elementor builder Learn More Here.
  2. Navigate to the Popup Settings by clicking the gear icon in the lower corner.
  3. In the Advanced Tab > Open By Selector create an anchor trigger link shortcode (example: a[href=”#link-popup”] )
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Why is my Elementor popup not working?

“I’ve created a popup but users can’t see it“.

If your visitors aren’t seeing your popup as expected, check that the Conditions, Triggers, and Advanced Rules are set properly. Conditions determine where (on which page(s)) a popup will occur. Do your conditions indicate that the popup will happen on the page you expect?

How do I edit popups in WordPress?

Head to your WordPress dashboard and go to Popup Maker » Add Popup, and you’ll see the popup editing screen appear. On this screen, you’ll want to enter a name for your popup. Plus, you can also enter a optional display title like we did in this example. Your visitors will be able to see this optional display title.

Is Elementor Pro worth the money?

YES! Elementor Pro is absolutely worth the money. … If you are just starting with page builders and haven’t tried Elementor yet, start with the free version and see if it helps you with your website. Once you get a feel of Elementor, you will know better if there is a need for you to upgrade or not.

Does Elementor have a popup?

Does Elementor offer popup templates? Of course! Elementor’s Library includes a variety of pre-designed popups. Choose your layout – full screen, modal, slide-in, top or bottom bar – and the design you love.

What is the latest version of Elementor pro?

We’ve released two new updates (Elementor Core 3.0. 7 and Elementor Pro 3.0. 4), with fixes which include: Fix: Additional cases of Global Style inconsistencies in Editor and Frontend.

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How do I contact an Elementor?

You can contact Elementor by emailing them or by leaving them a message on one of the social media platforms. Alternatively, you can use their knowledge base if you prefer self-service support.

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