Can you hide a row in WordPress?

To display or hide elements or rows on specific devices, you need use the “Visibility for Devices” option in the WPBakery settings inside the row or an element. Open Row settings and scroll down to “Visibility for Devices” option.

Can you hide sections in WordPress?

Select the Section by clicking the Edit Section icon. Now, on the left-side settings panel, go to the Advanced tab and open the Responsive settings group. Here, you can hide the Section on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile by toggling the switches for each of them. … That will hide the Section on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.
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How do I hide an element in WordPress?

In this example, I want to hide the main menu, but only on one specific page. Use Chrome or Firefox Developer Tools to look for a unique CSS selector. If possible, find an id, although a class may work too. In my example, the selector that wraps the menu is #mainmenu.

How do I hide my WordPress site from public?

Simply edit the post or page that you want to protect. Under the Document setting in your WordPress editor, click on the link next to the ‘Visibility’ option. This will show the visibility options available in WordPress. You can keep a post/page public, make it private, or password protect it.

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How do you hide an element?

You can hide an element in CSS using the CSS properties display: none or visibility: hidden. display: none removes the entire element from the page and mat affect the layout of the page. visibility: hidden hides the element while keeping the space the same.

How do you hide an element in HTML?

To hide an element, set the style display property to “none”. document.

How do you hide an element without having to take space on the page?

Look, instead of using visibility: hidden; use display: none; . The first option will hide but still takes space and the second option will hide and doesn’t take any space.

How do I make my whole WordPress site private?

To make your entire blog private, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your blog’s dashboard.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. From there, select Privacy.
  4. You’ll see three options: Public, Hidden, and Private.

How do I hide my WordPress site until ready?

How to Hide Your WordPress Site Until It’s Ready

  1. Set Up Your New WordPress Site.
  2. Install the SeedProd Plugin.
  3. Create Your WordPress Coming Soon Page.
  4. Customize Your Coming Soon Page Template.
  5. Choose When to Show Your Coming Soon Page.
  6. Hide Your WordPress Website.


Who can see a website when it is set to private in WordPress?

As the name implies, a private WordPress page or post is not visible to the public. Depending on the settings, it may only be visible to one or a couple of users, and that’s it. Even if a visitor has the URL for a certain page, he or she won’t be able to see it if it is set to “private.”

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