How do I add submenu to WordPress admin panel?

How do I add sub menus to WordPress admin panel?

Create Sub Menu Items

  1. Select pages that you want to use as sub menu item and add them to the menu area. …
  2. You will see that they are added to the Menu Structure on the right.
  3. WordPress menu system supports drag and drop. …
  4. Click on Save Menu to save your setup.


How do I add submenu in admin panel?

add_menu_page() create main menu like Members and add_submenu_page() create submenu like Add Members. Here is the code. ‘members_function’ = Output of this function will show on the menu page. In add_submenu_page() function we see everything is same except ‘members-slug’ on the first parameter.

Which function is used for add submenu?

Used By #Used By

Used By Description
_wp_privacy_hook_requests_page() Add requests pages.
wp-admin/includes/plugin.php: add_management_page() Add submenu page to the Tools main menu.
wp-admin/includes/plugin.php: add_options_page() Add submenu page to the Settings main menu.
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How do I add custom plugins to WordPress admin panel?

To turn on the plugin, go to the wordpress admin panel and go to the “Plugins” menu option. Find the new plugin and activate it. Now on every page of the website it will say “Hello world!” at the top left. It’s not very practical, but it gives an insight into how WordPress plugins work.

How do I add an admin to my menu in WordPress?

To add a custom navigation menu, the first thing you need to do is register your new navigation menu by adding this code to your theme’s functions. php file. add_action( ‘init’ , ‘wpb_custom_new_menu’ ); You can now go to Appearance » Menus page in your WordPress admin and try to create or edit a new menu.

How do I create a dynamic menu and submenu in WordPress?

How to create Dynamic Drop Down Submenus in WordPress

  1. To create sub-menu at first log in to …
  2. Now at the right of the menu page you will find some menu options like Custom Links, Pages, Categories and Tags option etc.


How do I add a sub menu to my website?

Add submenu page to the Tools main menu. Add submenu page to the Settings main menu.

What is Admin_menu in WordPress?

More Information # This action is used to add extra submenus and menu options to the admin panel’s menu structure. It runs after the basic admin panel menu structure is in place. This action mustn’t be placed in an admin_init action function because the admin_init action is called after admin_menu.

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What is use of Add_menu_page in WordPress?

Description # This function takes a capability which will be used to determine whether or not a page is included in the menu. The function which is hooked in to handle the output of the page must check that the user has the required capability as well.

How do I add a submenu in Woocommerce?

2 Answers. Then you will see a submenu under “Woocommerce” admin menu. For some reason you can´t do same using post_type=shop_order. “shop_order” is the one you should use to put a submenu under “Woocommerce” one.. but, as i said, don´t know why didn´t work with that particual post_type.

How do I add a sub menu page to a custom post type?

Now we want to focus on how to add the submenu page under the custom post type menu.

Add Submenu to Custom Post Type Menu

  1. Create an action hook to register the submenu with the respective callback functions. …
  2. Replace the first parameter of the add_submenu_page( ) with the specific edit post type slug example php?

How do I customize my WordPress admin panel?

4 Ways to Customize Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

  1. Replace the Logo on the Login Page. The login page is the first thing your client sees when they use their website. …
  2. Use a Custom Admin Theme to Change the Login Page’s Styling. …
  3. Create Custom Widgets With Helpful Resources for Your Clients. …
  4. Remove Unnecessary Menu Items.


What is the admin URL for WordPress?

The Default WordPress Admin URL

In order to go to the admin page on most WordPress sites, all you have to do is add /wp-admin/ to the end of the URL. So for example: would take you to the admin panel. Note that in order to properly reach the admin page, you need to already be logged in.

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How do I make my own admin page?

How to Add WordPress custom Admin Pages. In order to add a custom admin page in WordPress, we need 2 things: An admin menu (add_menu_page function) Page content (custom function)

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