How do I install WordPress org on HostGator?

How do I install WordPress on HostGator?

Here are quick steps to install WordPress, using the specialized WordPress hosting from HostGator India: Once you’ve completed the purchase of WordPress Hosting, you will need to log in to your HostGator Control Panel. After you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll see the following screen.

How do I use WordPress org with HostGator?

How to Install WordPress on HostGator

  1. Navigate to the Software section and click on the QuickInstall tool.
  2. On the left side of the screen, select Site Builders & CMS > One-Click Installs.
  3. Select WordPress.
  4. Select your domain using the drop-down menu.
  5. Fill in the form shown below.


Does HostGator work with WordPress org?

HostGator uses the Softaculous Apps Installer tool to easily install the CMS of your choice. Using this tool makes installing WordPress incredibly simple. You just login to your control panel, select the app, choose WordPress, fill in some basic site details and the tool will install WordPress for you.

How do I install WordPress on HostGator 2021?

Step 1 – Install WordPress

  1. Log into your Customer Portal.
  2. On the Dashboard, you will see the Welcome, (Your Name) section on top.
  3. Click the Create Website button.
  4. A new page will appear where you can install WordPress on your primary domain in one click!
  5. Click Get Started to initiate installation.
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Do you have to pay for WordPress on HostGator?

Because of how robust and easy to use it is, it powers over 34% of all the websites on the web. And as an added bonus, WordPress itself is entirely free.

How long does it take for WordPress to install on HostGator?

Shared, Reseller, Optimized WordPress, and Cloud Sites accounts take less than 1 hour to set up. VPS with cPanel or Plesk takes a few hours (about 3 to 4) to set up. VPS without cPanel or Plesk takes less than 1 hour to set up. Dedicated server takes 24 to 48 hours to set up.

Can you get WordPress for free?

WordPress as a software is free for you to download and use. However, to use WordPress on the web, you will need WordPress Hosting. … However, you are not required to use those because there are over 6000+ free WordPress themes that you can use.

Which is better Bluehost or HostGator?

Overall though, Bluehost came up the winner over HostGator, with stronger features and better value for money. Both are extremely strong though, hosting millions of websites across the globe, so you’ll be in good hands whichever one you choose.

Features, Performance, & Ease of Use.

Bluehost HostGator
Uptime 99.98% 99.99%

What is the difference between HostGator and WordPress?

While WordPress does make the world’s best and most popular content management system, their hosting leaves a lot to be desired. HostGator, on the other hand, is focused on hosting and does a good overall job of it.

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Can I use WordPress with my own domain?

If you registered your domain with, you don’t have to use as your host. The domain you registered is yours, and you can use it with any host you want. … Keep the domain registered with and change the name servers to point somewhere else.

Does HostGator have one click WordPress?

At HostGator, you can install WordPress through a simple one-click process when you purchase your hosting package. … Note: Our optimized WordPress hosting package comes with WordPress 7.2 or higher already installed.

What is 1 click WordPress install?

1-click WordPress installation is an automated process that eliminates the tedious manual steps of installing WordPress. Additionally, you can migrate your existing WordPress site from one location to another, quick, and easy. This is handy when you want to transfer your domain to another host, such as

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