How do I view child pages on a parent page in WordPress?

How do parent pages work in WordPress?

Parent Page

Using Parent Pages is a good way to organize your Site Pages into hierarchies. A parent page is a top level page, with child pages nested under it. For example, you could have an “About” page as a top level or parent page, and then have child pages “Life Story” and “My Dogs” under it.

How do I see all pages in WordPress?

WordPress display all pages on one page

  1. First, make sure to set your home page as the actual home page in the dashboard: Settings > Reading > Page on Front.
  2. Next, open up one of the following (go in order, if your theme doesn’t have the first one, check the next one etc.


How do I find subpages in WordPress?

Go to Appearance –> Menus –> select the menu that you are trying to change –> add the sub page from all pages in the left –> drag that page a slight on the right and keep it under the page you want it to show –> Save. Why isn’t my subpage appearing in the dropdown menu?

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What are parent and child pages?

In a hierarchical post type, you can place posts in a certain hierarchy by selecting a parent page. This often means the parent page covers an overarching theme and groups various child pages that are topically related. A child page can only have one parent page, but a parent page can have multiple child pages.

How do I post on different pages in WordPress?

Assign categories to posts. Create a custom menu. Add the dynamic category pages to into the custom menu. You can create a custom menu and include multiple dynamic category pages that automatically display the published posts assigned to the the specific categories in reverse chronological order.

How do I view all pages?

To view multiple pages, select the “Many pages” radio button. Then, click the monitor button below the radio button and select the number of pages you want to view at a time from the drop-down menu. The “Preview” shows how the pages will be displayed. Click “OK” to accept the change and close the “Zoom” dialog box.

How do I see all the pages in Pages?

To see the Pages menu bar and other controls, move the pointer to the top of the screen.

View a document full screen

  1. Move the pointer to the top of the screen, then click the green button.
  2. Choose View > Exit Full Screen.
  3. Press the Esc (Escape) key on your keyboard.

Why are my pages not showing up on WordPress?

WordPress automatically uses your page’s title for the navigation label. In most cases you’ll want to shorten the title for use on the menu, so again, you’ll need to edit your page’s menu listing, which means you didn’t save any steps by using auto-add. Not all pages will belong on your main navigation.

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What is the difference between pages and posts in WordPress?

WordPress Blog Posts vs Pages: The Difference In A Nutshell. Here’s the big difference between WordPress posts and pages: WordPress posts have an official publish date and are displayed by date on your site’s blog page. … WordPress pages do not have a publish date and are meant for static, timeless content.

How do you create a new page on WordPress?

To get started adding a new page to your WordPress site, find the Pages menu in the WordPress Dashboard Navigation menu. Click Add New. You’ll now see the WordPress page editor. WordPress 5.0 introduced an entirely new editor with a new approach to adding content to your new page called the WordPress Block Editor.

Are child pages good for SEO?

On the other hand, if you are expanding your content into secondary topics to support a singular topic and keyword targets, creating “child pages” is an excellent way of helping search engines translate your website’s hierarchy, and can boost relevance for your chosen keywords.

What is a daughter page?

What is a Child Page? A child page is a page that “lives” in hierarchy underneath another page (the parent).

How do I change the order of pages in WordPress?

To change the order of pages in WordPress:

  1. Go to any page on your website.
  2. Use the Screen Options to drop down the control window.
  3. Choose the “Page Attributes” checkbox.
  4. Change the number box under “Order” to adjust the position. The lowest numbers are first.
  5. Click the “Update” or “Publish” button on the page.
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