How do you open post read more with a modal popup in Elementor?

In Source, under the Query tab, choose “Current Archive” (if using Archive Layouts) or your post type. That’s It. Now check on the front end. When you click on the View More button, it will open more details in a Modal Popup.

How do I use modal pop-up in WordPress?

Install Modal Pop Box builder either via the plugin directory or by uploading the files to your server. After activating Modal Pop Box maker, go to plugin menu. Click Add Modal Pop Box and write the content in the text box.

How do you do read more in HTML?

Go to Site pages (under the Website menu) and begin editing the site page where you want the link to appear. Click the Gadgets icon to display the list of available gadgets. Drag the custom HTML gadget from the Gadget list (not a content gadget), and drop it in the desired location.

How do I change the read more button in Woocommerce?

From the Dashboard menu, click on Appearance Menu > Theme Editor Menu. When the Theme Editor page is opened, look for the theme functions file to add the function to hide the Add to Cart button or read more button for specific products.

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How do I create a pop up login?

Create a login form popup with a slider background.

Button Widget > Content

  1. Button > Link: Click the Dynamic icon and under Actions, choose Popup.
  2. Click Popup again and select Toggle Popup.
  3. Now in the Popup field, start typing to search for the Login widget you just created.
  4. Click the Update button.


Which plugin is used to create a dialogue popup box on link click?

Go to Main settings of WordPress Popup plugin by Supsystic. In “When to show PopUp” block choose “Click on certain link / button / other element” radio button. Copy the shortcode from the first field of this option. Go to your post or page and select required text.

What is a modal plugin?

The Modal plugin is a dialog box/popup window that is displayed on top of the current page: Click To Open Modal.

How do you make boxes in Elementor?

Open up the Elementor design where you want to add your shapes and let’s get started.

  1. Add a Spacer Widget. To begin, add a regular Spacer widget to the spot where you want your shape to appear. …
  2. Set Up Custom Positioning. …
  3. Add Absolute Positioning. …
  4. Add a Border to Make it a Circle.


How do I open a modal in WordPress?

How to open ‘Modal Window’ via a Side Menu?

  1. Create a modal window.
  2. In the option Show a modal window select -> Click on a link (with id)
  3. Copy and paste the shortcode, such as [Modal-Window id=1], to where you want the modal window to appear.
  4. Create Side Menu Item via plugin Side Menu.
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Why is my Elementor popup not working?

“I’ve created a popup but users can’t see it“.

If your visitors aren’t seeing your popup as expected, check that the Conditions, Triggers, and Advanced Rules are set properly. Conditions determine where (on which page(s)) a popup will occur. Do your conditions indicate that the popup will happen on the page you expect?

How to Trigger an Elementor Popup on a Link Click

  1. Create your Popup in the Elementor builder Learn More Here.
  2. Navigate to the Popup Settings by clicking the gear icon in the lower corner.
  3. In the Advanced Tab > Open By Selector create an anchor trigger link shortcode (example: a[href=”#link-popup”] )

How do I get rid of Elementor pop up?

To disable a popup on smartphones, first, go to the popup library (Templates -> Popups). Hover your cursor over the popup you want to disable on smartphones and click the Edit with Elementor link to open in the Elementor editor.

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